New Year. New Blog

It’s the start of a New Year, and what a better time to start a new blog. My first blog. An idea that has been percolating in mind for some time, and finally I decided to just get on with it. It has been one of my many resolutions year after year, but like most people, it gets packed away with the Christmas decorations till you need them again. This year however, I decided no more resolutions. Life’s not about stopping and starting just cause the whistles been blown. It’s about making the most of the adventures whenever, wherever or however they may appear.

I’ve spent many a day pondering a host of ideas of what my blog would be about, trying to pick one thing to talk about, and turns out I can’t. I’m just not that one thing kind of girl. So instead I focused on what I wanted everyone and myself to get out of this experience and well…the answers in the title: Finding my Happy.

Most of 2016 for me was just this snowball of stress and only towards the end of the year did I get a chance to get away, clear my mind and reflect on everything that had been and everything that I hoped would be. Luckily got to shake my brain out in a little corner of paradise.

And no matter how much stress you go through, there are just some places that allow for nothing but joy. Which is everything Finding my Happy is about. We are bombarded with so much negativity all the time, we barely get a chance to enjoy the flashes of goodness in our lives, so through this blog my goal is to take those flickers of sunshine in my days and expand them, enjoy them, appreciate them and share them. And maybe inspire a few of you to find happy in your lives.

xxx P

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